ISPS security in ports and port facilities

Drills and exercises

According to the ISPS Code B/18, ports and port facilities shall hold drills and exercises as follows:

  • 18.5 To ensure the effective implementation of the provisions of the port facility security plan, drills should be conducted at least every three months unless the specific circumstances dictate otherwise. These drills should test individual elements of the plan such as those security threats listed in paragraph 15.11.

  • 18.6 Various types of exercises which may include participation of port facility security officers, in conjunction with relevant authorities of Contracting Governments, company security officers, or ship security officers, if available, should be carried out at least once each calendar year with no more than 18 months between the exercises. Requests for the participation of company security officers or ships security officers in joint exercises should be made bearing in mind the security and work implications for the ship. These exercises should test communication, coordination, resource availability and response.

We can organise and perform exercises under a prearranged schedule. The exercises conclude with debriefing and reporting training results.

The exerceises wll follow European Handbook of Maritime Security and Drills and Execises with adaptation to the specific conditions prevailing in each port or port facility.

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