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Göran Hansson
Master Mariner

Göran Hansson went to sea in 1957 and came ashore in 2008. It was a career in shipping business spanning 51 years. He has over the years gained considerable experience in shipping - tankers, general cargo, tugboats and offshore vessels. For many years he worked abroad in managerial positions - including as stevedore cargo supervisor and shore manager in the offshore sector. As a consultant in the maritime security sector he has also gained experience in the shipyard business. Between 1996 and 2008 he worked in the Ro-ro and ferry industry.

His interest in Maritime Security - ISPS - began with an ISPS training course held by the University of Glasgow. This was in 2003 - the year before the ISPS Code entered into force. During subsequent years, he has, through his company Scanöya AB , trained a large number of people at all levels and also acted as advisor to port facilities on matters related to the ISPS.

The aim is to implement and improve the ISPS-based maritime security in ports and port facilities, as well as raise awareness of the link between the ISPS security and more commercial interest of protecting ports and port facilities against serious crime. It is important that ISPS security measures are seen as an integral part of the daily work by all employees in the company.

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